People are the CM, not me: Saini

People are the CM, not me: Saini

: Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini addressed workers at a conference in Kurukshetra Shahbad today, asserting that the people, not him, are the true CM. He elaborated that his office (the CMO) and he are available 24 hours to serve the people. Saini stated that the BJP has continuously won elections based on public blessings and workers’ support. He affirmed that this time as well, the people of the country and the state have decided to vote BJP into power.

The CM criticized the Congress and AAP, accusing them of planning to capture power through deceit, but he claimed that the INDIA alliance has been exposed. Addressing the workers, Saini emphasized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has endorsed BJP candidate Naveen Jindal for Kurukshetra by presenting him with a lotus flower. He urged everyone to vote on May 25 and to encourage others to do the same. While rallying the workers, he stated that Naveen Jindal must win the Lok Sabha seat with twice the votes he received in the 2019 elections from Kurukshetra. In his critique of the Congress, Saini recalled the party’s rule when soldiers were beheaded, and the government remained passive. He pointed out that despite promising 24-hour electricity in their election manifesto, the Congress failed to deliver. He credited the change in the country and state’s condition and direction to PM Modi’s leadership.

Regarding CM Arvind Kejriwal, Saini remarked on his claim of honesty and his statement about resigning if any AAP leader faced accusations.

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