NGO 'Sachhi Saheli' launches 'Menstrual Café'

NGO Sachhi Saheli launches Menstrual Café

Sachhi Saheli', a Delhi based NGO actively working towards sensitising the society towards menstrual health and hygiene

and eradicating the taboos attached with menstruation, came up with a readily available virtual space to make the

'hush talk' the real talk through their latest initiative 'Menstrual Café'.

'Menstrual Café' is essentially a community of teenagers and young adults who come together to create a safe space for conversations, discussions and activities to take place on the much-stigmatised topics of menstruation and sexual and reproductive health of all women.

The launch event of 'Menstrual Café' on November 21 was witnessed by large scale pouring of participants. A very encouraging address by Kamla Bhasin (social activist) and expert advice by Doctor Surbhi Singh (founder of 'Sachhi Saheli') worked as confidence boosters for the youth to carry forward this exciting venture with success.

Speaking at the virtual event, Kamla said, "Through the café, I urge all the enthusiastic youth to talk, express freely and end detrimental practices of patriarchy that shroud natural processes like menstruation in shame. It is my belief that the youth has the power to do so and 'Menstrual Café' is going to be a catalyst in that endeavour."

The expression of the societal problems related to menstruation and periods by the volunteers in a self-compiled song and video brought a

tsunami of emotions in the

chat room. Pakhi, a young enthusiast, presented a beautiful heart tearing poem followed by an entertaining standup comedy show. The launch included an entertainment bomb game 'never-have-I-ever', hosted by Delhi's 'womaniya' RJ Divya.

'Menstrual café' is being patronised by many colleges in Delhi University, the latest being Lady Shriram College.

An online three-day quiz was also organised on menstruation and the winner was presented an Amazon Echo Dot speaker.

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