New council of ministers: ‘11 are 12th pass, 57 are graduate or above’

New Delhi: Eleven out of 71 ministers in the new council of ministers have declared their educational qualification to be 12th standard while 57 ministers have declared having an educational qualification of graduate or above, according to a new report by poll rights body ADR. A recent report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) provides a comprehensive analysis of the educational qualifications of the Indian ministers, revealing a diverse range of academic backgrounds among the country’s political leadership.

The report, which scrutinized 71 ministers, highlights significant trends in educational attainment. The analysis shows that 15 per cent of the ministers, accounting for 11 out of the 71, have declared their highest educational qualification as 12th standard. In contrast, a substantial majority of the ministers have attained higher education. The report revealed that 80 per cent of the ministers, totaling 57, have qualifications of a graduate level or above.

This group is further broken down into several categories, reflecting various levels of advanced education. Specifically, 14 ministers have declared themselves as graduates, holding a basic university degree. An additional 10 ministers have professional graduate degrees, indicating specialized education in fields such as law, engineering or medicine. The largest subgroup among the highly educated ministers consists of those with postgraduate degrees at 26. Furthermore, seven ministers have achieved the highest level of academic attainment by earning

doctorate degrees.

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