NCPCR identifies 50 'religious places' to combat child labour, begging

New Delhi: Apex child rights body NCPCR has identified 50 "religious places", including the Taj Mahal and Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, where interventions will be undertaken to ensure zero tolerance towards child labour.

In a statement, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) said the intervention shall be undertaken in a collaborative manner with the involvement of multi-stakeholders including child welfare police officers, anti-human trafficking unit, representatives from NGOs/CSOs and religious trust and groups.

With a view to combat the menace of aforementioned child rights violations, the commission has identified 50 "religious places" wherein interventions shall be undertaken in a collaborative manner with the involvement of multi-stakeholders, the NCPCR said.

Bodh Gaya, Khajuraho, Haji Ali Dargah, Kumbh Mela, Rishikesh and Puri Jagannath Temple are some of the other places identified by the commission.

The NCPCR said it has noted instances of "child begging, child labour and children in street situations" reported at religious places, which is not only exploitation but also does not reflect a positive image of our nation.

Such instances are found primarily due to non-compliance of various child rights legislations, various factors deterring family members/guardians of children from availing the benefits of various relevant schemes of the Union and state governments and involvement of certain organised nexus involved in promulgating such activities.

The commission said it will monitor the "preventive aspects" such as linking of deprived and vulnerable families with various schemes of centre and state government for sustainable rehabilitation and "curative" aspects such as initiating penal action against the perpetrators such as organised nexus using children in child begging, child labour, child trafficking, substance use etc.

Based on the above mentioned indicators, the NCPCR shall leverage online digital reporting systems and create a dashboard wherein indicators for citizens and administration shall be created to increase reporting and rehabilitative, preventive and curative processes which shall help in promoting competitive federalism of this movement jointly between various cities and the administrative mechanisms of the said identified places.

The creative partner for the said campaign is New India Junction "NIJ" and volunteering partner is "I-CAN", a volunteer initiative of Rambhau Malghi Prabodhini (RMP), the child rights

body said.

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