Pakistan criticises India-US statement targeting Islamabad

Pakistan on Wednesday said an India-US joint statement asking Islamabad not to allow cross-border terror attacks from its soil won't help achieve durable peace in South Asia.
The Foreign Ministry said the joint statement, issued after a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington, was "singularly unhelpful in achieving strategic stability and durable peace in the South Asian region".
The US-India statement called on Pakistan to ensure that its territory was not used to launch terrorist attacks on other countries.
It also urged Pakistan to expeditiously bring to justice the perpetrators of a series of terror attacks "perpetrated by Pakistan-based groups".
"By failing to address key sources of tension and instability in the region, the (India-US) statement aggravates an already tense situation," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The Ministry said Pakistan had been the primary victim of terrorism in the region and that its contributions and sacrifices in fighting terrorism were un-matched.
"We are committed to bringing the fight against terrorism to its logical conclusion by eliminating this scourge from our soil," it said.
"Pakistan expects the international community to unequivocally stand with it in this fight against terrorism."
The Foreign Ministry also expressed serious concerns over a US arms deal with India, which it said would disturb military balance in South Asia.
The statement came amid reports that a $2 billion sale of unarmed drones to the Indian Navy would be approved by the US government soon. The deal came on the occasion of Modi's visit to Washington.
"Pakistan is also deeply concerned with the sale of advanced military technologies to India. Such sales accentuate military imbalances in the region and undermine strategic stability in South Asia," the Ministry said.
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