Modi govt 'stealing' pension of Army officers: Congress

Modi govt stealing pension of Army officers: Congress

New Delhi: The Congress on Friday accused the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "fake nationalism" and alleged that it has betrayed the armed forces by "snatching away" the pension of army officers.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that the Modi government is deliberately hurting the morale of army officers by "snatching away" their pension and demanded immediate reversal of the decision.

"We demand that Prime Minister Modi comes forward and clarifies his stand on the issue and takes back its anti-army decision of October 29," he told reporters.

The Congress general secretary said that while the Modi government is habitual of seeking votes on the sacrifice of brave soldiers and on "fake nationalism", it has become the first regime in the country's history to "steal the pension" and alternate career choice of those officers who protect our motherland.

"This Diwali, PM Modi exhorted the nation to light a diya for our soldiers, but has ensured darkness in their lives by attempting to reduce their pension by half. If this is not BJP's "'fake nationalism", then what is it," he asked.

He further alleged that the Modi government's fresh attack on the forces has exposed the anti-army face of the "fake nationalists".

"As per the Modi government's new proposal only those officers who have spent more than 35 years in the armed forces shall be entitled to a 'full pension', which will demoralise the armed forces," he said.

The Congress general secretary further said that the reality is 90 per cent of the army officers retire before 35 years of service and in such a situation, the government is "hatching a conspiracy" to deny 90 per cent of army officers their full pension.

He further said, "At the time of recruitment in the army, every officer in the Indian Military Academy has to compulsorily sign a 20-year mandatory service bond."

"How can the government change the service condition and modify the terms of service of military officers with back date," he asked.

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