India should recognize Tibet as a nation under occupation: Kasur Gyari Dolma

India should recognize Tibet as a nation under occupation: Kasur Gyari Dolma

Darjeeling: Kasur Gyari Dolma feels that India should be strongly vocal in acknowledging Tibet as an occupied nation under Peoples Republic of China. For future course India has to frame her policies regarding China based on historical facts (vis a vis Tibet) and make it loud. This would help resolve many important issues including the border dispute.

Dolma, a Darjeeling girl is in the run-up for the highest political office in the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. She will be contesting for the office of Sikyong (President) in the Tibetan General Elections slated for January 2021. She is the only woman candidate for this election that will be held worldwide.

On a campaign trail covering Sikkim, Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Siliguri, Dolma was in Darjeeling on Wednesday. "With geopolitical changes happening all over the world, it is a turning point for the Tibet issue. Tibet has to be recognized on the basis of history by the Government of India and the Indian Parliament as an occupied nation. India has been treading with extreme caution when it comes to China. However, this has not helped so far, even with the border issues" stated Dolma.

Dolma prescribed a strong approach based on historical facts. "India has to tell China that the border issues that China is referring to concern Indo-Tibet borders. The borders have been well demarcated with independent Tibet with the Shimla Agreement in 1940, and it is a valid document. The Line of Actual Control came much later. To do this India has to recognize Tibet as an independent nation" stated Dolma. The 56-year-old has served as a Deputy speaker of the Tibetan Parliament for two terms and as the Home Minister for a single term of five years. Prior to that, she was attached to the Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest Tibetan NGO- working for Free Tibet. "I think I can use my years of experience in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to lead my people. Even if I don't win I can pave the way for having a woman as a leader. As a woman, we in exile have equal rights as per the Tibetan Charter" stated Dolma. It was a homecoming for her. She was born in Kalimpong and went to Central School for Tibetans in Darjeeling. She then pursued BA in political science from Punjab University and LLB from Delhi University.

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