Hooda slams Khattar for 'Haryana farmers didn't participate in stir' remark

Hooda slams Khattar for Haryana farmers didnt participate in stir remark

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Sunday slammed Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for his remarks that the state's farmers have not participated in the stir against the new agri laws and warned that if farmers' problems are not resolved, a "bigger movement" will be undertaken.

Khattar on Saturday alleged that some political parties and organisations are "sponsoring" the farmers' protest against the Centre's new farm laws and claimed that Haryana farmers have not participated in the stir.

Dismissing Khattar's claim, Hooda said the farmers of Haryana have been agitating against the three agricultural laws for many months and he has repeatedly urged the government to withdraw these laws or bring in a new law to guarantee minimum support price (MSP) for farmers.

"The chief minister should tell whether he does not consider the agitating farmers as residents of Haryana? If the farmers of Haryana are not part of the movement, then who did the government lathi-charge in Pipli? Who are the people who were detained by the Haryana Police before their Delhi march? Who where are the thousands of farmers against whom the Haryana government has filed cases," Hooda asked at a press conference here.

The former Haryana chief minister said Khattar's remarks had hurt the farmer's pride and sentiments. Khattar's ignorance towards such a big movement is "shocking and disturbing", Hooda said.

"The government should know that the farmers of Haryana and Punjab have stood shoulder to shoulder in this movement. They are also getting support from farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states. Ignoring them is an insult to those who work hard to put food on our tables. As a responsible Opposition, we fully support the demands of the farmers," Hooda said.

The Leader of Opposition in the Haryana Assembly said the entire nation stands with the farmers and will fight till the government concedes to their "genuine and lawful" demands.

"Until the farmers win this battle, we stand firmly with the demands of the farmers. The attitude adopted by the government to crush the movement is completely undemocratic as every citizen and every class has the right to demonstrate peacefully for their just demands in democracy," he said.

"Till now the entire agitation of the farmers has been peaceful. But the Haryana government's role in the entire movement has been negative. The government's job is to keep the roads and highways open, not to close them down. The government's job is to make roads but this government blocked roads and dug roads to stop the farmers," Hooda said.

He urged the central government to not ignore such a "large mass movement" and accept the farmers' demands for guaranteed MSP.

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