'Govt plan is that all kinds of good films are made in India'

Govt plan is that all kinds of good films are made in India

New Delhi: Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday said the government plans to promote all kinds of good films, including documentaries and short films.

Addressing a session at the online International Coronavirus Short Film Festival, he also said it is nothing short of a "communication revolution" that everyone with access to a smartphone and a story to tell is a filmmaker today. "People have now become citizen journalists, where they shoot on mobile phones and even edit them and are ready with their short films. This is a communication revolution," the minister said

From the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) to the Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films, all reward the best talent in the business, Javadekar said. "At IFFI, we will showcase 21 non-feature films, even at National Film Awards, we have several categories for short films under 70 minutes. The Mumbai International Film Festival also awards documentaries and filmmakers.

"This is the government's plan... that all kinds of films, good films, films which move people are made...," Javadekar said. He said a film festival for short films based entirely on the deadly disease is a novel idea. Organised by the Indian Infotainment Media Corporation (IIMC), the International Coronavirus Short Film Festival has received over 2,800 entries from 108 countries. The festival aims at showcasing stories based on cure, safety measure and lives affected during the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Coronavirus gripped the entire world, wreaked havoc but in a way also awakened people's talent. There was so much creativity around, even in the text messages we would get everyday. "Because there was lockdown and no one could step out, people started to watch a lot of TV, listen to radio, and rely on other mediums of entertainment. They consumed short films from home," Javadekar added.

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