Govt: Maha among 3 states with highest deaths in road mishap

Mumbai: With 11,452 deaths in 2020, Maharashtra figured among top three states that have reported the highest number of deaths in road accidents in the country, state Transport Minister Anil Parab said on Monday.

Expressing concern, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said these figures are serious, as he launched the 32nd Road Safety Week 2021.

"In 2020, Maharashtra witnessed 25,456 road accidents and 11,452 road fatalities. Maharashtra is one of the three states that have reported the highest number of deaths in road accidents," Parab said at the function.

Thackeray said, ideally, Maharashtra should not figure in the list of the states which have reported deaths in road accidents.

"These figures are serious. Rather than being in top ranks, Maharashtra should not ideally figure in the list of states with road accident fatalities," he said.

The chief minister said a road safety drive should not be limited to a period of a week, fortnight, month or a year, but it should be conducted on a regular basis.

"Booster doses of road safety rules should be given at regular intervals," he said.

Thackeray further appealed to motorists to follow the "Niyam" (rules) and maintain "Sanyam" (restraint) to keep "Yam" (God of death) away.

"I have heard about a new technology which alerts drivers if they fall asleep while driving due to fatigue. I would like to examine such vehicle, if available," the chief minister said.

Thackeray said it was important to provide facilities to the public instead of only creating awareness.

Meanwhile, Parab said 50 high quality driver training centres will be opened in Maharashtra through the schemes funded by the Union government. Parab said getting a driving licence won't be easy once these centres become operational.

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