Fractured and battered, Shiv Kumar's medical report reveals serious injuries

New Delhi: The medical report, prepared by a five-board of the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), of Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan president Shiv Kumar, a co-accused in the cases registered against activist Naudeep Kaur, has revealed eight injuries and fractures that are more than two weeks old. The medical examination was conducted after Kumar's father alleged that his son was beaten up inside the jail. The report was submitted to the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday.

According to the report, accessed by Millennium Post, Kumar has injuries on his thigh, hand, foot, while a blunt object/weapon has also been used.

The reports have mentioned Kumar's testimony of the events that conspired following his arrest. According to Kumar's testimony to the doctors, "He was taken to old kacheri, Sonepat, where the C.l staff assaulted him. They tied both his feet, lay him on the ground and hit him on the soles. His 2nd, 3rd and 5th toe nails of the right foot were torn and the nail of big toe of left foot turned blue. They had also hit him on the buttocks with flat sticks then they tied his hands and stretched his legs. He was made to lie on the ground with both legs straight and a metal pipe was placed on his thigh and rolled over the thighs by two people. They also hit him on both the hands and palms and also on the back of his head. He was not allowed to sleep for three days, the C.l staff took his statement and asked him to give names and when he could not do so they tied him to a chair and poured water to his head."

The testimony also reveals that the police presented him to the court on 24 January and took ten days remand. According to the testimony, "he was mentally and physically abused in the police remand and they also poured hot water on his feet and any blisters that formed were burst

by them." The medical report then revealed that there are "discoloured areas, blackish in colour, on various parts of his limbs and thighs".

Kumar was also seen limping when he was brought to Chandigarh's government hospital for medical examination. Speaking to Millennium Post, one of Kumar's and Nodeep Kaur's lawyers Pawandeep Singh, who is working with Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC), under the guidance of senior advocate RS Cheema said, "The judge had ordered that Kumar be provided medical treatment if required and be admitted to Chandigarh's government hospital. We need a confirmation from the higher authorities regarding Shiv's shifting, so we are waiting for February 26 hearing."

He also said that the medical reports showed physical injuries but also had psychiatric implications on Kumar. "We had filed a writ for Shiv's medical examination, as we felt the earlier report showed some discrepancies. After the examination the report showed many injuries on Shiv and we have confirmation that psychiatric issues are there," he added.

Kumar's psychiatric evaluation has revealed that "he appeared sad and distressed with occasional crying spells. He expressed preoccupation with his current situation, reported predominant anxiety symptoms, flashbacks of brutality meted out to him, nightmares, feelings of loneliness, uncertainty about future and sleep disturbances."

Singh has, on the other hand, said that they are trying for an early hearing on Shiv Kumar. "The judge in his order has said that even though he has listed the matter on March 16." Kumar's father meanwhile said that "he is aware of his son's injuries via the medical report and is waiting for the next course of action".

Meanwhile, the Haryana Police has refuted labour rights activist Naudeep Kaur's charge of assault as "baseless" and accused her of extorting money from

industrialists. In a status report submitted to the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday, the Haryana Police said "false" allegations are being made through a few social media platforms that Kaur was wrongly implicated and arbitrarily detained.

The court is hearing a matter related to Kaur's alleged illegal confinement. It had earlier taken suomotu cognizance of the matter. Kaur, who hails from Punjab's Muktsar district, in her regular bail plea before the high court had claimed to have been severely beaten up at a police station after she was arrested by the Sonipat police last month.

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