Farmers' protest: BJP leaders from Punjab meet PM, say issue will get resolved soon

Farmers protest: BJP leaders from Punjab meet PM, say issue will get resolved soon

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the know of all developments related to the farmers' protest against the new agri laws and the issue will get resolved soon, BJP leaders from Punjab asserted on Tuesday after meeting the PM.

BJP leaders Surjit Kumar Jyani and Harjit Singh Grewal met Prime Minister Modi at his residence amid protests by farmers at Delhi's borders for nearly six weeks.

Jyani was chairing the BJP's coordination committee for interacting with farmers in Punjab last year on the three farm bills which at that time had not been passed by Parliament. Grewal was a member of the panel.

The prime minister understands Punjab very well and is concerned about farmers, the BJP leaders said after a nearly two-hour meeting with Modi.

"Modi knows a lot... all will be resolved and something good will happen. I cannot disclose what transpired in the meeting but something good will happen... when something is being conceived there are fears that it might get miscarriage," Grewal said after

the meeting.

The prime minister understands Punjab very well, he is looking after the party's work and has travelled across the state, he said, adding that all issues related to Punjab were discussed in the meeting.

Jyani underlined that Prime Minister Modi is concerned about farmers and said the government is always ready to do something in the interest of farmers, but "Maoists have entered the (farmers') movement and are not letting this issue (on farm laws) get resolved".

"Prime Minister Modi is a visionary and is concerned about farmers...Maoist elements have entered the farmers' movement and are not letting the issue get resolved," he said.

When asked about the farm laws, Jyani said,"Farmer unions should not be adamant about their demand for repealing the laws. The government has always been ready to do everything in the interest of farmers."

He also said this movement is leaderless and therefore, it becomes difficult to hold a dialogue with them.

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