Don't hesitate to shoot armed criminals: Jharkhand DGP to police personnel

Dont hesitate to shoot armed criminals: Jharkhand DGP to police personnel

Dumka: Jharkhand police chief MV Rao said that a list of dreaded criminals in the state is being prepared and if they resist arrest with arms, they will be killed.

Speaking to reporters after holding a crime review meeting here on Thursday, Rao said that a lot of police personnel hesitate to shoot, fearing litigations, but he has told the force not to worry about using weapons when needed.

"For the protection of civilians, if the police shoot an armed criminal, in which the criminal is injured or he dies, then it is absolutely a lawful action. There is no need to panic. Do not back down from this," he told the state's police personnel.

"If someone is walking around with an illegal weapon, he is not roaming around to play or worship it, but to take someone's life. In such a situation, if he is seen shooting, we have given clear instructions that the police should not hesitate in killing him. The law also allows this," Rao, the director-general of police, said.

All criminals, who have been to jail for crimes involving illegal firearms, will be investigated, the officer said.

"If he is in jail then it's fine. If he has got out of jail, then where is he, what is he doing, is he still committing a crime, etc, will be probed. Their houses will be searched. Their entire 'horoscope' will be made. Information will be collected from their parents, siblings, family, in- laws and friends," he said.

"If such a criminal tries to endanger the life and property of others, then the police will act harshly," Rao warned.

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