Defamation plaint case: Akbar, Ramani refuse settlement

Defamation plaint case: Akbar, Ramani refuse settlement

New Delhi: Former minister M J Akbar and journalist Priya Ramani on Tuesday refused any settlement between them in a criminal defamation complaint filed by him against her.

Senior advocate Geeta Luthra, appearing for Akbar, said that if Ramani was apologetic for her allegations, she would ask him to consider closing the complaint.

Ramani's counsel, Bhavook Chauhan, said however that she stood by her statement and if Akbar wanted to withdraw the complaint, he may do so.

Did the counsel (for both the parties) have a chance to talk or are the doors shut, the court sought to know on Tuesday.

Ramani's advocate replied in negative. No, our stand is clear. Ramani stands by her statement. If the complainant wants to withdraw, then he may bring it on record .

Luthra, on the other hand said, I've gone on with my matter. If the accused was apologetic... If there is any indication from them (accused and her counsel) I will ask my briefing counsel.

Briefing counsels are link between the client and a 'senior advocate'. After the submission on behalf of Ramani, Akbar's counsel said, Let's continue on merits.

Akbar had filed the complaint against Ramani for allegedly defaming him by accusing him of sexual misconduct around 20 years ago when he was a journalist.

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