CM Baghel unveils the statue of Chhattisgarh Mahtari in Bijapur

BIJAPUR: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, during his one-day visit to Bijapur, unveiled the statue of ‘Chhattisgarh Mahtari’ in the collectorate office premises.

He paid tribute to ‘Chhattisgarh Mahtari’ by offering flowers and by participating in the customary rituals.

On the occasion, Chief Minister. Baghel said that Chhattisgarh Mahtari is a symbol of Chhattisgarh’s identity, honour and prestige.

He said that statues of ‘Chhattisgarh Mahtari’ are being put up in all the districts of the state to inspire people to learn about their indigenous culture.

“We aim to provide ample opportunities to the future generations to learn and understand our traditions, festivals and culture,” said Baghel.

The chief minister further said that the Chhattisgarh government is making consistent and consolidated efforts to promote state’s art and culture.

A meaningful initiative has been taken to celebrate Tihars like Teeja-Pora, Akti, Hareli, and Chherchera on a large scale.

“Today, people across the world are learning about Bore-Baasi. Initiatives like the Tribal Dance Festival, Rejuvenation of Devgudi, Adivasi Parab Samman Nidhi have been taken to honour the tribal community.”

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