Chhattisgarh– A new tourism hotspot

Chhattisgarh– A new tourism hotspot

Raipur: Myriad shades of Culture with a tinge of folk art, a dash of fusion and the divine aroma of being a leading state in terms of development in the nation. A state blessed with a rich history of mythological importance and distinct culture and heritage. A resource-rich state gifted with the beauty of widespread forests and unique geographical features. A leading state which is constantly stepping up the ladders of holistic development, but still manages to keep its old traditions alive. A state, like no other state in India, having its distinct flavour. This is Chhattisgarh, the land of joy and happiness.

In ancient times, the region was known as Dakshin-Kaushal, which finds special mention in the holy Ramayana and Mahabharata also. It is believed to have a significant role in the life of Lord Rama. Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshaman had started their exile in the Dandakaranya region of Bastar in Chhattisgarh. It is also said, that they spent more than 10 years of their 14-year exile period, in the state itself.

How will India revive its tourism sector post-Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented crisis across the globe and has adversely affected the tourism sector. Concerning India, about 10 million foreign inbound travellers visit India and 26 million outbound travellers visit out of India destinations every year. Here the intriguing question is that, what does India lack within itself that causes this gap with the majority of people choosing outbound travelling? Are we limiting the potential of tourism in our nation? Are there any kind of changes or discoveries that we can make, that will stir the globe across and invite a larger number of tourists in our country? Can we unearth some hidden gems and create some unique experiences for our countrymen, to gift them a memorable experience for life? And the big question is, how can we achieve this goal?

Interestingly, Chhattisgarh has found a solution for it. The state government has decided to rapidly develop the areas under the Tribal Tourism Circuit to create awareness among the tourists regarding the lifestyle, culture and traditions followed by the tribals of the state. This technique of Development is called Micro-tourism, which aims at the flow of large percentage of the benefits of tourism to the local community, with direct jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities for locals, direct procurement and inclusion in the tourism sector.

Rural tourism & local employment opportunities to witness a spurt

On one hand, tourism development in these rural areas will provide the tourists with an opportunity to understand the distinct tribal and rural culture, and on the other hand, it will raise employment opportunities for the localities, thereby increasing their income and standard of living.

Budget worth Rs 96,10,00,000

With the special emphasis led by Chief Minister, a project has been approved to develop a tribal tourism circuit worth Rs 96,10,00,000 at 13 places in Chhattisgarh under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme, with a holistic aim to develop rural tourism along with the creation of employment opportunities for the rurals. Eight projects have been launched by the Chief Minister within the past three months. Projects sanctioned under the Tribal Tourism Circuit include Jashpur, Kunkuri, Mainpat, Kamleshwarpur (Mainpat), Maheshpur, Kurder, Sarodhadadar, Gangrel, Nathianwagaon, Kondagaon, Jagdalpur, Chitrakot and Tirathgarh.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the Kudar Hill Eco Resort, Kudar, District Bilaspur, Baiga Ethnic Resort Sarodhadadar, Kabirdham and Dhankul Ethnic Resort, Kondagaon on August 14.

Additionally, he inaugurated the Sarna Ethnic Resort, Balachaper District Jashpur, Koinar Highway Treat Kunkuri, District Jashpur, Hill Maina Highway Treat, Nathianwagaon, District Kanker, Satrenga Boat Club and Resort Satarenga, District Korba and Way Side Amenity Maheshpur, District Sarguja on November 1, marking the state's foundation day.

A sense of sustainability with Wooden Cottages & Huts

The Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has built the Sarna Ethnic Resort on approximately 5 acres of land at village Balachapar near Jashpur. Six eco log huts (wooden cottages) and a cafeteria has been established to attract the tourists. Wayside amenity has been constructed with 2 wooden cottages and washrooms at the archaeological site of Maheshpur, 35 km away from the district headquarters, Ambikapur and about 7 km from the Ambikapur-Bilaspur National Highway.

Likewise, Hill Maina Highway Treat at village Nathianwagaon has been built, about 10 kilometres away from the District Headquarters, Kanker and the Koenar Highway Treat has been established at a distance of 40 kilometres from the District Headquarters, Jashpur and 5 kilometres from Kunkuri, where all kinds of facilities can be availed by the tourists.

Promoting water tourism: Floating Resorts

The most incredible of all: A floating restaurant and resort have been constructed at the Hasdev Bango reservoir at Satarenga in the Korba district to promote water tourism in the state.

Kurder Hill Eco Resort: Designed as an Eco destination

The Kurder Hill Eco Resort is located 52 km away from Baiga Village Kurder, Bilaspur and 12 km away from Belgahna, on the hill adjacent to the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve. It has been designed and developed as a model eco-destination. The iconic beauty of Chhattisgarh with its thick and luscious forests covered with a thick layer of greenery appeals in a soulful manner to the tourists.

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