Chanda Babu, lone crusader against Sahabuddin, dies at 82

Chanda Babu, lone crusader against Sahabuddin, dies at 82

New Delhi: Chandrakeshwar Prasad alias Chanda Babu, the man who fought alone to get RJD's strongman and former parliamentarian Mohammad Sahabuddin behind the bars, has died in Siwan at the age of 82 years.

As per locals of Siwan district, Chanda Babu was the only man standing up against Shahabuddin's power despite losing so much in his life and getting a very little support from the expected quarters.

The lone crusader Chanda Babu lost his three sons and struggled hard to ensure justice to them. All his three sons were allegedly killed at the instance of notorious criminal and his aides. Chanda Babu lived with his only alive son, who is physically challenged, till the very end. "I have nothing to fear as I have been left with nothing to lose," he used to say whenever he was asked about his fight against Shahabuddin.

He used to live in just a room with his family, while other rooms had been rented out as rent was the only source of his survival. "In 2003, cash and motorcycle were looted from Chanda Babu's eldest son Ritesh Raj. A case was lodged and Kundan Singh was arrested. However, Shahabuddin, who was in jail, called him to the jail gate and asked him to withdraw the case, which he did not," recalled his youngest son.

In 2014, some anti-social elements looted his shop and set it on fire. "As the miscreants were on a rampage, Rajiv Roshan threw toilet cleaning acid on them to drive them away. However, after some time another group abducted three sons of Chanda Babu and allegedly took them away to Pratappur, the native place of Shahabuddin," a police official said, adding that all three were attacked with acid.

It was Chanda Babu, who appeared in court as a witness against the dreaded criminal and let Shahabuddin gets punished. Shahabuddin is serving life imprisonment in Delhi's Tihar jail.

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