Bracing long haul, farmers make pakka tents with rods and bricks

Bracing long haul, farmers make pakka tents with rods and bricks

New Delhi: Balvinder Singh from Punjab's Mahauli District is busy setting up his tent with straws and sticks to make it more "pakka". Just outside his trolley, he has set up a room-like space where few other men are helping him set up the tent.

"With the approaching summer, we decided that it was time to make our living space a bit better. The tractor would not be enough for the approaching summer, which is why we are setting up the tent," he said while cutting the sticks. All the material has been brought from the respective villages. To make the living conditions better, a net, which would help deal with the mosquitoes, has been used to surround the tent.

Farmers have started firming up their tents with bricks and metal sticks as they get ready to stay for the long haul.

Pawinder Singh from Gurdaspur, who was sitting under his tent said that people are using different methods to set up the tent. Another reading for this change is that tractors and trolleys are needed back in the villages as the farming season has approached. "These huge trolleys are used to transport materials from one place to another. And tractors are obviously needed for all the movement. Most of the tractors will be sent back to the villages, which is why we are setting up the tents this way. We are here for a long time and work can also not stop back home," Singh added.

In a more updated version of the tent, Rana Singh from Punjab's Jalandhar has said that all the villagers have pitched in money to set up the tent. The tent is beautified with plants while a wooden fence has been used to measure the area. Inside the tent, one would be amazed to see a proper well built shelter. "All of this could easily be dismantled. That's the best part. We have used two layers of bricks to set up the whole tent. We have set up the tent with the help of metal rods," Rana Singh explained.

He said that most of the tractors are getting ready to go back, which is why such upgradation was needed. "All people from villages are going to change the living situation," he added saying that summer saver pumps are also being set up for water facilities.

The setting up tents have started for most of the people, while others are still waiting for the go-ahead. "Our village people will bring the material and then we are going to set up our tent properly," Pawinder Singh added.

The tents are being constructed in a way that it can manage rains and harsh summers. "Nothing is going to move our tents till the time three laws are taken back," Pawinder Singh smiled.

He also showed the setup where the fridge was kept. "We also have cool water here," he laughed. Air conditioners were also being set up at the tents and inside the trolleys. "The electricity will be generated through a generator or via the trolley as we have been using it since the time we came," Balwinder said.

Farmers have been sitting at various borders of Delhi since November 26. Their demands are the repeal of three laws, which they say is the death sentence for farmers.

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