Air space in N-E will be integrated with Kolkata CNS/ATM

Kolkata: Under the Upper Airspace Harmonization process, the Upper airspace above 25,000 feet over North Eastern Region will be integrated with Kolkata Communications, Navigation, Surveillance & Air Traffic Management(CNS/ATM) facility operated from Kolkata ATC Centre. Currently, it is being operated from Guwahati ATC Centre. Airports Authority of India (AAI), the Air Navigation Services provider in Indian Airspace has taken a huge step towards enhancement of capacity, efficiency and to ensure highest level of safety in the air space over India and associated oceanic airspace.

Upper Airspace Harmonization (UAH) is a process by which aircraft flying in airspace above a particular height are controlled from a central location with multiple airspace sectors. By this process, the entire upper airspace is harmonized with application of uniform Air Traffic management procedures and standards to achieve enhanced level of safety and efficiency. AAI has embarked upon this initiative of UAH in the four Flight Information Regions (FIR) namely Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai towards establishing a single continuum of upper airspace (26,000 ft. and above).

This is a part of Air Traffic Management Strategic Plan of seamless Air Traffic Services in Indian FIR. Considering the complexity and magnitude of the task, AAI has decided to proceed in a phased manner and embarked on the project to restructure Chennai FIR in the first phase.

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