Air India's Twitter glitch: probe launched

New Delhi: National carrier Air India on Thursday said it has "restored" its official Twitter handle after it was hacked and there is no cyber security threat now.
According to a senior airline official, Air India has commenced its investigation into the matter.
"Early today Air India twitter handle @airindiain was hacked. We would like to inform our passengers, that the handle is fully functional now. Further there is no cyber security threat on this handle and security measures have been taken," the airline said in a tweet.
An official told IANS here that an investigation had been started into the matter.
Hackers broke into Air India's official Twitter account early on Thursday, posting messages in Turkish language, including flight cancellation announcements.
They changed the official handle @airindiain to @airindiaTR.
"Last minute important announcement. All our flights have been cancelled. From now on, we will fly with Turkish Airlines," read one of the messages from the hackers.
The group "I ayyAldAzt" claimed to be a Turkish Cypriot Army on their Twitter handle.
"Your account has been hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyildiz Tim. Your DM correspondence and important data have been captured," read another tweet before the official Air India Twitter handle was restored.
Air India has 147,000 followers on Twitter.

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