AI flight grounded due to hydraulic failure

An Air India flight carrying 300 passengers was grounded in New Delhi on Wednesday due to hydraulic failure.

An Air India flight with around 300 passengers on-board was grounded here today before its departure for New York due to hydraulic failure in one of the aircraft engines.

All the passengers have been accommodated in a nearby hotel and the flight has been rescheduled for 5 PM today, an Air India spokesperson said.

The Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft had to be grounded due a hydraulic failure in one of the aircraft engines, the spokesperson said.

Air India flight AI 101 ( New Delhi-New York) was scheduled to depart from the Indira Gandhi International airport here at 0140 hours.

"All passengers had boarded the aircraft and it was ready for departure when problem in the engine was detected," said a stranded flyer.

The engineers were called in to fix the glitch and make the aircraft airworthy but to no avail, the passenger said.

"We remained seated in the plane till around 6 AM. Later, the airline staff shifted us to a hotel," the passenger said.

Air India tried to arrange another aircraft to ferry the stranded passengers but it could not be made available, the spokesperson said.

The engineers are working on the plane and it is expected to be airworthy soon, the spokesperson said, adding the same aircraft will fly to New York at 5 PM.
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