'Aadi Mahotsav, a revolution of authentic tribal products'

Aadi Mahotsav, a revolution of authentic tribal products

After successfully organising several Aadi Mahotsav in recent past, this year's Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav is very special in many ways as it's for the first time that the festival of tribals is being organised after the Covid-19 pandemic at such a large scale in the heart of the capital city of the country.

Despite the fear of Covid-19, the festival is drawing an impressive footfall and people are showing overwhelming response to buy a product of their choice. While talking to Dhirendra Kumar, Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED) Managing Director Pravir Krishna said that it's a massive revolution of authentic tribal products. Excerpts:-

How is the response?

The response is overwhelming. Over 1,000 artisans from 30 states have participated in this festival. Even though such a huge festival is happening after Covid-19 pandemic, the people of Delhi have given a thumping response as just in three days the products worth of Rs 1 crore has already been sold. In true sense, this festival has turned out to be a reality of the "Vocal for Local" call given by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Are artisans really satisfied with the response?

They are very happy and they are really surprised as how their products are proving much better than well-established designers and manufacturers. There is a great sense of satisfaction among artisans as well as buyers. The reason for buyers showing interests in products showcased at the Aadi Mahotsav is the authenticity of the products. All the products on display are genuine and hand-made. It's a massive revolution.

What are new products that have been introduced in this Aadi Mahotsav and what about those buyers who wish to buy but they cannot visit the stalls?

Over 1,000 immunity boosters made by tribals have been showcased in this festival. All these boosters are based on herbal plants. Other new products that have been introduced are textile items, woollens, jackets, shawls, stole, wooden items, brass items, etc. All the products are bright and beautiful, so I request people of Delhi to come and take a glimpse of the natural hand-made tribal products.

Those who are not able to visit the different stalls, they can visit website, which is totally tribal-dedicated platform, to buy any product of their choice. Besides, we are also promoting about 50 GI products through the website. Under the GI tag, products such as Banarasi saree, Bagh print saree Chanderi, Maheshwari, etc are available on portal. At present, there are 50 items under the GI tag and 50 more items would be added soon.

What's the objective of this festival?

The prime objective of this festival is to promote tribal products so that the business of tribals should flourish not only in the county but it should spread across the globe. Such festivals are being organised to encourage artisans residing in remote locations for the holistic development of tribal people.

Now, the TRIFED is focusing on TRIFOOD which is aimed at enhancing the income of tribals through better utilisation of and value addition to the minor forest produce (MFP) collected by the tribal forest gatherers. The plan is to set up TRIFOOD parks in every state and the work has started in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Also, about 2,000 Van Dhan Kendras have been established under the Van Dhan Scheme.

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