20.29 lakh healthcare workers vaccinated

20.29 lakh healthcare workers vaccinated

New Delhi: India has successfully vaccinated 20.29 lakh healthcare workers till Tuesday evening which was the eleventh day of the vaccination drive against the Covid-19. According to the Union Health Ministry, due to Republic Day celebrations across the country, limited numbers of sessions in limited states were conducted on Tuesday.

"As per the provisional vaccination report till 7 pm, 5,615 beneficiaries were vaccinated in five states, which include Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. In all the five states, 194 sessions were held till 7 pm on Tuesday," the ministry said, adding that 6AEFIs cases have been reported on the 11th day of the vaccination drive.

Among the five states, where vaccination drive was conducted, Tamil Nadu reported highest 4,926 healthcare workers being vaccinated against the Coronavirus followed by Karnataka (429), Rajasthan (216), Telangana (35) and Andhra Pradesh (9).

"The cumulative number of healthcare workers vaccinated against Covid-19 has crossed 20.29 lakh on Tuesday. A total of 20,29,424 beneficiaries (till 7 pm) have been vaccinated through 36,572sessions, as per the provisional report," the ministry said in its release.

Among all the 38 states/UT where vaccination drive is being conducted, Karnataka has reported highest vaccinations as in the southern state 2,31,601 beneficiaries have received the first shot of the vaccine followed by Odisha, Rajasthan (1,61,332), Andhra Pradesh (1,56,129), Maharashtra (1,36,901), Telangana (1,30,425), Uttar Pradesh (1,23,761) and West Bengal (1,22,851).

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