My sister is the bravest on earth: Hrithik

New Delhi: Superstar Hrithik Roshan overcame stammering and he is currently in the midst of a divorce with his estranged wife Suzanne Khan. Challenges may be many, but the actor says facing them and moving on is made easy when he looks at the fighting spirit of his elder sister Sunaina, a cancer survivor.

‘I am so proud and blessed to have a sister like my 'didi'. I've seen her battle through challenges, and gain victory over things that could devastate any of us. My sister is the bravest person on earth,’ Hrithik said to an eclectic gathering here Monday night.

The occasion was special for the Roshan family - it was the launch of To Dad, With Love, Sunaina's book on their father and actor-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan. Hrithik and Sunaina's mother Pinkie too was present for the event.
Unlike most siblings, Hrithik took to the stage and introduced his ‘real superhero’ Sunaina to the audience, and the spectators made the evening truly special by applauding her.

Sunaina, who came out for a public event here after seven months, was a tad embarassed. But for Hrithik, it seemed like a gesture he'd been wanting to do for his sister for a long time.
‘When I go through challenges, didi, I think if your challenges and then of your smile, and I have no other choice but to go on,’ Hrithik said in his tribute to his sister.

The older of the siblings, Sunaina battled cervical cancer and she has two failed marriages behind her. To Dad, With Love is a pictorial biography.

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