‘My daughter is my bundle of joy’

Now there are no more tears for Fardeen and his wife Natasha, who have been blessed with a baby girl and the actor calls the little one his ‘bundle of joy’.

After years of waiting and a very tragic miscarriage last year which left the couple shattered, Fardeen and Natasha are finally the proud parents. Their daughter was born on 11 December. ‘We’ve named her Diani Isabella Khan,’ Fardeen said from London.

‘Diani means ‘divinity’ in Portuguese. It’s also a beach town near Mombassa where Natasha had conceived. My mom suggested we call the baby Diani. As for Isabella, it’s been my favourite name for a long time. It exudes such beauty and delicacy. So Diani Isabella Khan is my bundle of joy,’ he said. At the moment, it's one happy family reunion in London.
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