My dad doesn’t want me to have boyfriends: Alia

Actress Alia Bhatt says her father and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is possessive about her, but adds that he has taken her on-screen kissing with Arjun Kapoor in the forthcoming film 2 States practically.
‘Like every father, who don’t want their daughters to get married, even my father is the same,’ Alia said in a group interview.

‘Recently, my father told us (Alia and her sister Shaheen) you all can’t go anywhere, I will lock you up in a room. He is honest and blunt about the fact that he doesn't want us to get married.

‘He is not saying just like that, he means it. He is very possessive and he doesn't want me to get married. If my sister’s boyfriends get me some present, he would say- even I can get presents, I will get you two,’ she added.

Currently, the actress is looking forward to her forthcoming film 2 States.
She has a kissing scene in the film and when asked about her ‘possessive’ father’s reaction on the same, she said: ‘But he knows I am acting...but, if I kiss my boyfriend in front of him, he will slap me.

‘It’s in the scene and I am not doing it to irritate him. It’s a family film and the scene is just for three seconds.’

Directed by Abhishek Verman, 2 States is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller of the same name and the actress has read the book three times.

She said: ‘I have to be as natural as possible. I read the book three times before we started shooting.’

Alia says that when she read the book for the first time, she felt it could be made into a good film.
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