Music is my vent: Adnan

From the soulful melody of Kabhi toh nazar milaao to the funky lyrics of Lift kara de, the audience loved his creation and always wanted more. The wait is over now and Adnan Sami is back with his new album Press Play.

Why this gap of five years?

Time flies. I didn’t imagine that it would be five years. After 25 years in the career, I needed a break to rejuvenate myself and it was important for me to sit back and observe.

What can people expect from your latest album- Press Play and what was your inspiration for the album?

My loss and pain found a vent in music and I started composing. I wasn’t thinking about album at that time, I was just composing and I went into genre that I’ve never done before. I’ve written a Sufi track, composed a Punjabi song. My album songs are biographical.

Soulful music or the remix and loud ones...

There are songs that will always be sensationalised at the moment of their release and go on to become a rage. But this is momentary and isn’t a new phenomenon. Songs with melody and substance have always managed to stand the test of time and are remembered for years.

Item numbers and where you stand being a serious musician...

The concept of item number is not a new one. Before we had cabarets. It might be that in today’s time it has become a bit more common. Being a serious musician doesn’t means that you can’t create something catch and jovial. If you call me a serious ,musician who composed Kabhi toh and Bheegi bheegi and then listen to Lift kara de and kabhi nahi, you will realise that both of them are in stark contrast and each of them has its own audience. I, as a musician, don’t want to be stereotyped.

Cassettes, CDs, and now Internet downloads...

Formats have always changed with time. when the format changed from Cassettes to CDs, everyone was like “Oh my God! what will happen now?”. but then gradually they became used to it. similarly, the format have now become digitalised.
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