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Mumbai gangrape accused had raped 10 women: Reports

As part of their investigations into the Mumbai gangrape case, the police have found details about other similar crimes committed by the accused.

The accused are believed to have committed at least 10 rape crimes in the last six months, reports said. Also, the police suspect that there could be more people involved in the crimes alongwith the group of the five arrested for raping a 22-year-old photojournalist at defunct Shakti Mills premises last month.

A 19-year-old girl working in a call centre has stepped forward to claim that she was similarly gang-raped by some of the accused in the Shakti Mills complex on 31 July.

The woman contended that she recognised the assailants from the sketches released by police after the assault on the photojournalist and the assault on her male colleague on 22 August.  

The victim said she had gone to the desolate Shakti Mills compound along with a male friend on 31 July.  They were accosted by the same five now in custody and they employed the same modus operandi to trap them, the complaint said.  She said the accused raped her and she recognised them after their sketches were flashed in the media.

A senior police official told the media on Tuesday that the five accused of gang-raping the photojournalist have confessed to committing similar crimes. Their victims included a woman ragpicker and a commercial sex worker.
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