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Mulayam attacks BJP, says Modi is present only in Gujarat and media

‘Only that party will win elections which has presence among farmers, poor, villages, Muslims and backwards,’ he said, while referring to the media hype around Modi.

Launching party’s Lok Sabha election campaign, Mulayam targeted his core vote bank — backwards and Muslims. He said that ‘kisans’ and ‘musalmans’ (farmers and Muslims) have contributed the most in India’s development. He focused on farmers who mostly hail from backward classes, and Muslims, who are also among the most backwards. The name of the rally was ‘Desh Bachao-Desh Banao’ (save country, build country). Mulayam said that BJP only talks about threat to India from Pakistan and not China. ‘They talk about Pakistan because it is weak and do not dare to challenge a strong enemy like China. If Pakistan will destroy five cities in India, the latter will survive. But if India will destroy five cities in Pakistan, the latter will be wiped off,’ he said. He said that India is not weak and should take on China.  Projecting himself to be fit for the post of prime minister, Mulayam said that neither China, nor Pakistan could dare to violate border when he was defence minister of the country because at that time, India gave befitting reply to even smallest of cross border aggression. He said that as defence minister he also started the practice of taking bodies of martyred soldiers to their homes for conducting last rites with full respect.

Mulayam spoke on how the SP government is fulfilling promises it made during 2012 assembly elections. ‘SP is the only party which has stuck to its ideology and promises,’ he said, while recalling his mentor Ram Manohar Lohia. He spoke at length on the problems faced by farmers and the poor in the villages and promised if voted to power at the centre, SP-led government will continue to work for masses.
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