"Noor" | A little too expected

 21 April 2017 3:56 PM GMT  |  Neha Mahesh

A little too expected

Based on the Pakistani novel, ‘Karachi, You’re Killing Me’, the movie Noor explores different types of journalists, the consequences of their action and most importantly the rise and fall of their careers. Debutant director, Sunil Sippy does not do a commendable job but still makes it through with passing marks. 

The movie starts with the main protagonist, Sonakshi Sinha and her monotonous monologue that just goes on and on. She complains about her weight, her house, her geyser, her job, her EMIs, her lack of a love life, her cat, her birthday, her EVERYTHING. Even with these drawbacks, Sona’s character is relatable because we’ve all had the same problems at some point but the difference is that we haven’t made it an existential crisis. There is a pinch of comedy that makes the movie bearable. 

The movie also promotes Sunny Leone and holds her high as the idea of self-acceptance. Noor has two childhood friends, Zara Patel played by Shibani Dandekar who is a’ Cool Cat’ and Saad Sehgal played by Kanan Gill ‘Mr Funny Bones’. When dear Noor gets upset over nothing, her friends are always around to pick her up. Unexpectedly, according to her, but totally predictably according to the audience she meets her love interest, played by ever charming Purab Kohli at an art gallery.

The whole set up was a bit too ‘totally saw it coming’ way. The plot has no or little suspense to offer. The story picks up when she’s asked to interview a doctor who treats all his patients for free. She unravels a huge scam and then one thing leads to another and a life is lost. The first half ends on a promising note (they finally get the audience’s attention). The second half just makes you say “Get to the point already.”

The debut role of Kanan Gill might bag the audience at the multiplex and he deserves it. He is himself all throughout the movie. Manish Choudhary’s acting deserves a round of applause. Her monologue on the pollution, corruption, poverty, ignorance, cost of living and the life of Mumbai is indeed a highlight.  The movie anchored by Sonakshi Sinha who dresses impeccably is not a must watch but it’s a good watch.

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