"Satyameva Jayate 2" | A face-off between desi avengers and the evils of society

 26 Nov 2021 6:18 PM GMT  |  ALEN PAUL

A face-off between desi avengers and the evils of society

Punches, bloody spits, lifting heavy things like a mighty superhero and moments that evoke patriotic emotions - filmmaker Milap Zaveri, in his latest directorial ‘Satyameva Jayate 2’, has blended in every element that completes an action film.

Starring John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar in lead roles, the action-thriller is about a vigilante’s battle against corruption, injustice and misuse of power. Also, this film presents John in not double but triple roles!

Though the effort was honest, taking the film into a preachy zone flopped Zaveri’s aim of providing the audience with a believable form of entertainment.

John’s fighter persona, as he saves the innocents and battles evil for the betterment of society, might evoke feelings of truth, justice and patriotism among his fans. But realistically speaking, such superhumans do not exist. At one point, things don’t even look heroic but comical.

But we cannot really blame any particular actor or film when it comes to showing the hero as the ‘man of steel’. That has been the problem with Bollywood since always.

And let us not forget the dialogues - it is a true reminder of our school days when we used to read out rhyming poems. Though such lines would evoke the brave soul in us, experimenting with rhyming dialogues that are not applicable in real life was a flop idea.

In the acting department, John delivers the best action performance, making viewers swoon at him once more. The same cannot be said for Divya Khosla Kumar, who appeared as if she was playing the role of a robot with dialogues spoken mechanically without any expressions.

The supporting cast - Harsh Chhaya, Anup Soni, Gautami Kapoor, Zakir Hussain and others - play out their roles effectively well.

As for the film’s direction, there is not much space for anything else apart from John’s characters eliminating corrupted villains as if it is his routine job. Even the minor plot twist before the interval could not save the direction part from sinking in vain. The sequences are way too unrealistic as one can only dream about such heroism and bravery.

Cinematography, however, is on point for providing the best action scenes a John Abraham fan can ask for, except for the bombardment of loud punching sounds enough to give you pounding headaches.

Music lovers can laud the film for its background score and the groovy numbers like ‘Kusu Kusu’ starring

Nora Fatehi as Dilruba and ‘Tenu Lehanga’ by Jass Manak. ‘Jann Gann Mann’ by B Praak gives you patriotic feels and the urge to take the Tiranga and sway it proudly.

Overall, ‘Satyameva Jayate 2’ gives desi Avenger vibes with a preachy rule: follow the path of truth and justice and one can easily defeat the evils of the society. Perhaps the director needs to be reminded that reality is harsher than the too-good-to-be-true victory against the villains.

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