Motherhood a blessing for Maria

Singer Mariah Carey, the mother of 20-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, is thoroughly enjoying motherhood.

‘Every moment is incredible and a blessing. I was performing in Sydney and I brought them (twins) out on stage because I want them to have these experiences. Some might disagree with that, but I know Monroe especially was going to love it. She didn’t want to get off the stage,’ quoted Carey as saying.

Maria, who is married to Nick Cannon, admits that career was her first priority, but now she loves being a mom.

‘Motherhood is an amazing thing. I never thought I would experience it because I always said I don’t think I would do it because my career was always my life, but when you find the right person...’ she said.

The 42-year-old finds juggling her parenting duties with her American Idol judging role a challenge, but admits it is better than working in studios on new music.

‘It’s super difficult. It’s really exhausting, but this isn’t the most exhausting part. The best part is when everything runs smoothly.

‘You come to work, do your job and go home like more of a normal person than someone who is in a studio for 18 hours, which would be me,’ she said.
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