More witnesses in cop’s collapse case

Many people claiming to have seen protestors trample a constable during an anti-rape protest near India Gate on 23 December have volunteered to give their statements, police said on Monday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) S B S Tyagi said, ‘We have received many requests from people that they have witnessed the incident of the constable’s collapse near India Gate. We are verifying their claims.’

‘As of now I can’t tell the numbers, but we have several requests in the form of letters and phone calls,’ Tyagi said.

Constable Subhash Chand Tomar, 47, collapsed on Tilak Marg during an anti-rape protest around India Gate on 23 December and died of cardiac arrest on 25 December.

Police said the constable was trampled upon by the crowd. But it was countered by two witnesses. Yogendra Tomar, 24, a journalism student, and another witness Pauline, in her 20s, countered the police claim and said the constable collapsed while chasing the crowd. Another witness Salim Alvi, 31, a social worker, had supported the police version.

Tyagi, quoting the report of the autopsy conducted on the constable, said his three ribs were broken and there were internal injuries on the chest, neck and legs.
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