More roles should be rewritten for women: George Clooney

Superstar George Clooney thinks many male characters can be re-written for women if people “‘ust start thinking.’ 

Clooney, 54, spoke about how gender switch in his latest production, Our Brand Is Crisis, helped bring the movie out of development hell. 

Our Brand Is Crisis, led by Sandra Bullock, centres on a character, which was originally written for a man and loosely based on real-life political consultant James Carville. The role was re-written after Bullock, 51, reached out to her Gravity co-star and expressed her interest in playing the part, reported Entertainment Tonight. 

The project had been in development hell for a long <g data-gr-id="21">time</g> but it quickly moved forward “the minute she called and said she wanted to play the role that had been written as a man,” Clooney said at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival. 

“Sandy finally came on board and we sort of switched things around. She was exactly the right guy to make the film.” 

"You’ll see this happening a lot, where they talk about there aren’t a lot of great roles for women. The truth of the matter is there are plenty of these films, where you can stop and look and just change the gender and make a really interesting film. So we need to start thinking that way.” 
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