Monsoon on time, cleaning of drains not

While the monsoon is rushing towards north, all set to submerge the city with its usual intensity, the city agencies, instead of doing the needful to keep the fury of monsoon at bay, are busy playing politics with each other. The city corporations claim that they would complete cleaning the drains in their areas between 15 June and 20 June, but at the same time allege that their efforts are being washed out by the big drains of PWD and irrigation department, which flows back the silt into their smaller drains.

‘Our target is 20 June, but the cleaning of big drains of PWD is yet to start at several place,’ said Subhash Arya, leader of the house in South Delhi Municipal Corporation [SDMC].

But the Congress councillors have a different story to tell. ‘The corporation even lacks adequate machines and resources to complete the project and are pushing the city towards deluge,’ said Farhan Suri, Leader of Opposition.

The corporations claim that the list of 243 roads and adjoining drains ‘vulnerable to water logging’ provided by the Delhi traffic police to corporations mainly belong to PWD areas.

Earlier, MCD used to clean 150 big drains of PWD, but this time they only have to clean the drains of up to 4 feet deep. SDMC has over 568 small drains to clean.

‘The big drains of PWD and irrigation department are flowing back the silt into smaller drains of corporation. I will write to Delhi government to expedite the work of drainage cleaning in their jurisdiction,’ said East Delhi Mayor Annapurna Mishra.

The corporations have four JCB machines, 13 suction machines, two super suction machines for cleaning. ‘We are using equipment on rotation basis as the division of resources is not feasible at this stage. We are also hiring machines to expedite the work,’ said S S Yadav, Municipal Commissioner, EDMC.

But even the officials involved in the project are not sure about being able to complete the task on on time and blame the trifurcation of MCD for the delay. Between themselves, the three corporations have only completed about 60 drains in their areas.
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