Monica Goes Off the Grid!

Its been a crazy year for Monica Dogra, from films to music to judging a reality show to fashion. 2015 has had it all for Monica While the year comes to an end, she has taken off from the paparazzi and screaming fans for some peaceful relaxation before going back to her schedule. She’s made sure that she puts behind her busy schedule on gives time to relax her mind, body and soul and bring in the new year with a much more energy.  For which she has taken off to Mount Madonna in California with her living guru who she met in the US 5 years ago. Monica will be in the hills for the coming 15 days. Not just that, the diva will be off all her social media handles, internet, phone and everything. Monica added, “I am going to Mt. Madonna because this whole year has been about going within for me. I connected my Swami about five years ago and I feel ready to be one of his students.” 
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