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Modi trains guns at Sonia

Accusing a ‘vested interest group’ of shielding Congress from its ‘mis-governance’, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday said the UPA was ‘running away’ from giving its performance report and asked the people to ‘uproot’ the government.

‘There is a vested interest group that is a Raksha Kavach (protective shield) for the Congress. This vested interest group is active and come 2014 we have to fight both the Congress and this vested interest group,’ the 63-year-old Modi said, without elaborating.

Speaking to the Indian diaspora in the US through live video-conference, the Gujarat chief minister said, ‘See the arrogance of the Government in Delhi. They are in power for nine years but they are not ready to give performance report.’

Slamming the Congress for its alleged mis-governance, he asked the ruling to submit a performance report before the people of India on its nine years of rule.

‘As soon as I finish (my speech) they will start, what Modi said, but friends, Modi gave answers to the people in December 2012 and the people chose him for a third time with distinction to serve them’, he said.

‘I want to tell the Congress friends, do you at least agree that when Vajpayee Government was there growth rate was 8.4 per cent but now it is 4.8 per cent under this (UPA) Government,’ he asserted.

Congress Party,  Modi alleged, is ‘running away’ from giving its performance report and said the government needed to be ‘uprooted’.

Drawing a parallel between the 2014 polls and the 1977 elections, he said, ‘this government, which has downgraded the country, has to go. Let us affirm that this government has to go democratically. We should work for a progressive BJP government...Like 1977, 2014 will be the voice of the people.’

He affirmed that these elections are not about any person or post but they are about dreams of the people, to wipe the tears of the poor and to work for the welfare of our farmers, the marginalized and tribal communities.

Meanwhile, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, while addressing an election rally  in Rajasthan attacked Narendra Modi with equal force by accusing BJP of hatching conspiracies before elections and misleading people in its hunger for power.

‘UPA government empowered people with Right to Information, Right to Education, MGNREGA, and recently gave food security to people and also introduced new land acquisition act in the interest of farmers,’ she said.

‘BJP, on the other hand, misleads people and points fingers at the works of Congress governments. Why did they not do such work...who has stopped them from taking such decisions and empowering people?’, she asked.

‘They are just concerned about power and hatch conspiracies before elections. You all need to remain alert from them because they mislead people,’ the UPA chairperson said at a public meeting in Rupaheli, a remote area of Bhilwara district.

After unveiling plaques for foundation stone of a Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) coach factory and drinking water project, Gandhi heaped praise on Manmohan Singh government, saying it has started a new era of empowering people.
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