Modi to RaGa: Remain ‘within limits’

On a day Rahul Gandhi accused him of being a ‘liar’, Narendra Modi on Saturday hit back saying the Congress leader was making ‘false, dirty and unverified’ allegations and asked him to remain ‘within limits’. 

Modi also challenged him to come out in the open to answer to the people on the Congress government’s performance and not ‘run away’. 

The BJP prime ministerial candidate sought to link a ‘close aide of 10, Janpath’ (Sonia Gandhi’s residence) to a meat exporter, whose premises were raided by tax authorities, and alleged that ‘money deals’ were involved between them. 

He also charged the ‘Mother-Son (Sonia-Rahul) government’ of ‘saving’ Hassan Ali, a Pune-based businessman, in an alleged blackmoney case. 

'Brother Rahul, whatever lies you are continuing to speak, crossing all limits. You have nothing positive to say about yourself, your mother or about your government. That is why you are making all false, dirty and unverified remarks...,’ he alleged.

“Keep things within limits. We do not talk while breaking limits. Come out in the open and give an account of the work of your government. Why are you runing away,” Modi said in his address through 3D hologram technology. 

Modi’s attack came hours after Rahul said in Gujarat that the Gujarat chief minister “does not get sleep till he speaks some lies”. 

Attacking Sonia, he said, “Serious questions have been raised on a meat exporter whose premises has been raided at 60 places across the country by Income Tax department, who have 300 hours of taped phone conversation in which 10,Janpath, the residence of Sonia Gandhi, also finds a mention. 

‘A close aide of 10, Janpath has been taped in the conversation of having money deals with this businessman. Who is that person, it should come out before the nation,’ he said.

Taking a jibe at the prime minister, he said, ‘PM does not see price rise, corruption or the problems nation is facing. If he can’t see anything how can you see the BJP wave.’ 

He also hit back at UPA Sonia Gandhi and Congress Rahul Gandhi for questioning the Gujarat development model, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday alleged that the two were competing with each other ‘to tell lies’.
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