Modi seeks ‘chance to serve’; Says terrorism divides, tourism unites

‘I have a long relationship with this devbhoomi. Give us a chance to fulfill your dreams and aspirations, and we will bring everything in your favour. The government whether of Delhi or Dehradun is cut-off from the people,’ Modi said in his 35-minute speech while addressing a large rally at Parade Ground, Dehradun, on Sunday.

Modi attacked Congress saying that the state government of Vijay Bahuguna is wasting energy on Ramdev and if it had devoted half of that attention to the rehabilitation and relief works in the disaster-hit regions, the picture would have been different. ‘There is so much water in the hills but the nation is in darkness. What is the reason behind it? We can generate power through water in the mountains, but these people have no time During BJP regime in the state, not a single Congress leader was harassed. But now they are putting locks on everything, so that they can run their own shops. This is not the real essence of politics. Politics is for people, not for ourselves,’ he said to his ecstatic audience.

The BJP PM nominee further talked about the vast prospects of spiritual tourism in the state as many pilgrimmage centres are located in the state of Uttarakhand. He said that if better arrangements are made, such improving train facilities, training local youths, there is a possibility of generating at least three trillion crores of rupees from the tourism industry alone. ‘This is the perfect place for an SEZ – spiritual environment zone – and we can attract large number of people from our huge population of more than 120 crore. Terrorism divides, while tourism unites,’ he added.

BJP president Rajnath Singh said that Congress has become a big hurdle to the path of progress and development.
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