Modi, Hooda snatching land from farmers, says Kejriwal

Kicking off a three-day roadshow in Haryana from Dhansa Border here, he alleged, ‘Haryana CM is snatching farmers’ land and giving it to Robert Vadra and Mukesh Ambani.

Everybody (politicians) used to fear raising voice against them, but it was I who raised voice against the fraud committed by Vadra and CM.’  Kejriwal also alleged that Vadra and Hooda were ‘looting’ the people of Haryana. The Haryana government and Chief Minister Hooda have denied these allegations.

‘Many persons advised me not to raise voice against Vadra’s fraud as he belongs to a prominent family, but I brought corruption, committed by him and Hooda, to light without caring for of my life,’ he said while addressing a gathering in Badli village after entering Haryana.

Kejriwal also slammed BJP prime ministerial candidate Modi and said, ‘I went to Varanasi and found that there is no Modi wave. Modi is afraid of me. That’s why he was fighting from two seats.

‘If Modi has guts, he should only contest elections from Varanasi from where I have decided to fight,’ he said. The AAP chief also said that the time has come to teach Congress and BJP a lesson.
‘Your vote can change the system this time. It is AAP only which can change the system. BJP and Congress leaders are the same side of a coin,’ he said.

‘I went to Gujarat where I found that Modi was also snatching farmers’ land and giving it to Ambani and Adani During Gujarat visit, a farmer told me that the cost of his land was Rs 50 lakh per acre, but Modi’s government forcefully grabbed his land by paying him just Rs 1 lakh per acre.’

Kejriwal also said that these days, Congress leaders are leaving their party and joining BJP which shows that there is no difference between both the parties.

‘Congress and BJP leaders are hand-in-glove with Mukesh Ambani and there is no difference between both the parties.

Before Delhi Assembly polls, they (Congress and BJP) were saying that AAP was a like mosquito and it could not win elections, but with the support of people, AAP won 28 seats in Delhi, making history,’ Kejriwal said.
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