Modi flays Cong over land doles to Vadra

Addressing a series of rallies in Haryana and Rajasthan, BJP’s PM candidate questioned why Congress was silent on the issue and asked Rahul Gandhi to explain the policies ‘through which you have given land to your Jijaji (brother-in-law)’.

He went onto to say that the Congress will suffer a rout as it did in 1977 after the Emergency. ‘The central government’s defeat is certain. It is time to decide how to give them a farewell. We should give Congress such a farewell that India does not see such a government in seven generations,’ Modi said.

Addressing a rally in Pali constituency, Modi said, ‘There is nuclear power, hydro power, wind power and solar power but for the first time, ‘damad power’ is being heard of in Rajasthan.’

‘Thousands of acres of land belonging to farmers was given to ‘Jijaji’ (brother-in-law) of Shehzade (Rahul Gandhi) in the name of solar power. A board of solar power was put up but what happened actually is that it became ‘damad power’ in Rajasthan,’ he said without naming Vadra, son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, while accusing the Congress party of not giving any answers on the issue.

He accused Congress governments in the states as well as at Centre of taking the farming community for a ride by usurping their property and selling them off at dirt-cheap prices. ‘If in Haryana, it is the father-son duo who are doing business, in Delhi, it is the mother-son duo. If that was not enough, so the son-in-law (damadjee) has also entered the scene,’ Modi said in Jhajjar.

Modi said due to land policies of Haryana government, ‘a person without even a single paisa could earn Rs 50 crore in three months. Shehzaade (Rahul Gandhi), what are these policies through which you have given land to your Jijajee.’
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