Modi charges Congress chief with taking to politics of untouchability

Raking up the caste issue, Narendra Modi on Friday charged Congress with starting the politics of ‘untouchability and hatred’ and Sonia Gandhi with resorting to ‘unch aur neech’ politics for salvaging the ‘lost political ground’ in the ongoing elections.

‘Who started the politics of untouchability in the country?’ he asked the people at an election meeting here in favour of BJP candidate Radhamohan Singh.

‘The same people who do votebank politics had started the politics of untouchability,’ he said referring to Congress.

‘During the entire election process, we have never wavered from development-based politics’, the BJP prime ministerial candidate said charging the Congress president with resorting to ‘unch aur neech’ (high and low) politics.

‘Madam you are a party president. You keep using terms like unch and neech, it does not look good,’ he said, adding the Congress was trying to ‘salvage the lost political ground’. The BJP leader said that a Kerala minister was asked to give an explanation by the state government for meeting him (Modi) and a Congress leader demanded that the Bharat Ratna award conferred on melody queen Lata Mangeshkar be taken back for praising him. 

‘What type of politics is this?’ he asked the Congress and said it does not reflect well of that party when it targets those who praise him and at the same time casts aspersions on him for pursuing ‘neech rajniti’, Modi said.
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