Modi bats for global India, says Cong has given up

 The speech, while remaining high-octane in the criticism of the Congress party, steered clear of any religious allusions.

Modi built up his address on the tone set by leader of opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, who while moving the political resolution, expressed confidence that the party will win more than 272 seats in the upcoming polls. In a unanimous resolution passed at the council meeting, the party said it will give a strong leadership promising all-round development of all sections of the society. Starting his address with blaming the government for the prevailing ‘all-round crisis’, Modi was quick to take snapshots at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for refusing to accept the challenge of being the PM candidate. ‘Congress workers came to the AICC meet hoping to get a PM candidate went back with three cylinders of gas,’ Modi added.

Cautioning the delegates of further intrigues by the political opponents, Modi for the first time, though indirectly, mentioned the Snoopgate scandal. ‘We are hearing many things but we should decide whether we should believe in a tape record or track records,’ he said in reference to the voice CDs released by an investigative website about Modi’s close aide Amit Shah.

The Gujarat CM was also unsparing of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who he blamed for saving her son from an imminent defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. ‘When defeat is certain and destruction is clearly visible then no mother in this world will sacrifice her son in politics. Sonia Gandhi did not name Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate because she wanted to save him,’ he said.

Not wanting to let the opportunity to fire salvos at his adversaries, Modi chose to deprecate the Congress on the comments made by its leader Mani Shankar Aiyar that Gujarat CM could sell tea at the Congress conclave. ‘It seems that they feel insulted to contest against a chaiwallah. Congress is known only for its name in the country but I am known for my work. They are naamdaar (famous) but I am a kaamdaar (work-loving),’ Modi quipped.  ‘Kuch baat hai ki hasti mithti nahi hamari (There is something that I continue to exist),’ he said. 

The BJP leader, while unveiling the development plan of the party, spoke for inclusivity in growth, something which he is alleged to have failed to deliver in Gujarat. ‘We must not take regional aspirations as a burden on our country; instead it can be an opportunity for the country’s growth. We want to move ahead with a vision of inclusivity,’ said Modi.

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