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Migration becoming ‘major problem’ in hilly U’khand

The lack of job opportunities, dearth of sufficient hospitals, and non-availability of reputed schools forced village people to migrate to big cities in search of greener pastures.

The recurring natural calamity is also one of the factors. Even the retired army men are not ready to settle down in villages and they are migrating in plains with their families.

On tourism sector, he said that this state has huge potential, but no government ever think seriously on this issue. The policy makers never think beyond the char dham yatra. Now, the government is planning with some promotional schemes, when it has become too late.

Our neighbor state Himachal Pradesh is self-reliant on many aspects, and they seldom ask for any financial aid from the Centre. They are earning well by promoting local fruits. Our agricultural production has been declining due to lack of care-takers. This is sheer wastage of our resources.

In plains, the opening of industrial units has check problem of unemployment to some level, but still there is enough room for improvement. We cannot open big industries due to transport problem and ecological constraint in higher hills, but by promoting new tourist avenues, the employment opportunities can be generated to bring new hope in the state.

He further said that bureaucracy has gone out of control due to political leniency. Most senior officers in the secretariat are from outside of this state, and they don’t understand the real problems of the villagers living in higher villages.
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