Medical board yet to decide on Abhishek’s facial surgery time

The medical board formed for the treatment of Trinamool Congress MP Abhisek Banerjee is yet to taken the decision on when the surgery would be conducted on his face.

The patient still has facial swelling below the left eye, where he had received serious injury during a road accident. The major cause of concern for the doctors is that Banerjee is still yet to recover from the fever. According to the press handout issued by the private hospital where Banerjee has been undergoing treatment since his accident, he is still suffering some respiratory distress as a result of which he was being given oxygen support.

The doctors in the hospital said that the patient is yet to recover from the trauma that he had undergone following a fatal road accident that took place on National Highway 2 near Singur. On early Saturday morning, his heart rate was fluctuating causing a serious concern for the doctors. The eye tests and other necessary tests were carried out on the patient and there was nothing serious found in these reports. It was learnt from the hospital sources that it may take one or two days to take a decision when the surgery could be performed on Banerjee’s face.
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