Meaty business

We chanced upon it absolutely by fluke and we loved it. Not often does one get to land up at such incredible restaurants. One of the oldest joints at the market, Saleem’s started off a good three decades ago with basics like biriyani, korma and sheekh kebabs. They stuck to being a take-away joint till the restaurant came to form and while the old classics remain on the menu, they have added a host of delicious options.

We tried the mutton sheekh kebab for starters. The mutton kebabs were so good that we swore to ourselves that we would stick to ordering mutton no matter what at Saleem’s. Am sure the chicken in just as good - but we are mutton lovers. Sorry.

And this is not just with Saleem’s. Mughlai food is best done justice to with mutton. True story!
Next we tried the mutton korma with roti and the mutton nihari as well. The meat was tender, perfectly cooked and fell off the bone much to our delight. The best part was that the food was not overtly oily. It was fragrant, well-flavoured and absolutely delicious. The mutton biriyani came last and we were taken away to heaven with that.

Do not miss out on the Firni at Saleem’s. It is one of the best Firnis we have had in Delhi so far. Not too sweet, not uderdone or lumpy - just perfect! A meal for two comes to about Ra 1000 (without taxes) and beleieve us - you will be more than happy to pay up!
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