MCDs splurge crores on websites, guards despite financial crunch

The three civic bodies spend nearly Rs 12 crore annually to maintain the websites that have gone up to a whopping Rs 65 crore in the last four-year period and if that was not enough, the Civic Centre, headquarters of all three Corporations, has an army of 393 security guards that calls for an expenditure of nearly Rs 5.2 crore annually.

According to <g data-gr-id="38">a RTI</g> reply, the monthly expenditure for the maintenance of the e-Govt portals is Rs one crore per month which amounts up to a Rs 12 crore annual expenditure. The three MCDs have spent a total amount of Rs 65 crore on the e-government project till now. However, the total money spent on the operation and maintenance of the website of MCD is not clear.

Not only that, a battalion of 393 security guards is deputed at the Corporation’s office by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. 

The reply has further revealed that each security guard employed at the Civic Centre is paid approximately Rs 11,000 per month. <g data-gr-id="34">Therefore</g> the yearly expenditure on security guards is a whopping sum of Rs 5.2 crores in a year.

“The Corporations are in severe financial crisis hence they should curtail their expenses from every field. An expense on website maintenance and outsourcing of security guards for the Civic Centre are almost ten times higher than the actual expenses and is going into the pockets of private agencies. The agencies must divert the excess amount for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and for improving the condition of sanitation workers,” said Abhishek Dutt, a councillor from Andrews Ganj. 

The ruling BJP, however, assured to look into the matter and minimise expenses if possible. “As the matter has come to notice, we will discuss it properly and will try to cut down our expenses,” said a senior councillor from SDMC.

For the North MCD, monthly expenditure on salaries <g data-gr-id="40">remain</g> at Rs 170 crore with the yearly expenditure aggregating to Rs 2,100 crore. For the EDMC, the monthly expenditure on salary stands at Rs 87 crore. The EDMC was already reeling under huge debt after the trifurcation of the MCD. 

Presently, the EDMC requires at least Rs 1,200 crore annually for paying salaries and disbursing old-age pension. Due to the ongoing financial woes, the EDMC could not pay salaries to its staff and pension to the retired employees for a few months and old-age pension/widow pension for the last 22 months. 
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