Man gets lifer for raping mom

A youth has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Delhi court for raping his mother with the judge saying that he tried to destroy the distinction between a man and an animal with his ‘heinous’ act.

Convict Nand Kishore earlier faced the trial for murdering his father but after he was acquitted of the charges and came out of the jail, he raped his mother early this year, the court noted while sentencing him.

It said the convict does not deserve any mercy and any leniency shown to him would be misplaced as the Supreme Court too has held that any leniency in matters of sexual offences is not only undesirable but also against the public interest.

‘Abominable offence committed by the accused (Kishore) is the gravest immoral act and accused deserves no leniency as he had tried to obliterate the line between a man and an animal,’ Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Vijay Kumar Dahiya said.

The court also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the convict and said the amount, if recovered, should be given to the victim as compensation.

According to the prosecution, Kishore had entered his mother’s house in an inebriated state on May 3 this year and when she asked her to go away, he said he would also live there and teach her a lesson.

He then raped her and also threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm, the prosecution said adding that later the woman locked Kishore in her house and called the police.

The woman told the court that Kishore, her younger son, had earlier been sent to jail for allegedly murdering her husband and when he was released from the jail, she had not allowed him to stay in her house. She also said Kishore was addicted to alcohol and drugs and his wife had also left him due to harassment done by him.

Kishore had sought leniency on the ground that he was young and has two children to look after and was also the sole bread earner for his family.

The prosecutor, however, had sought maximum punishment for him saying he had raped his own mother and if he is given a lesser sentence, it will lead to deterioration of moral values in the society.

While sentencing Kishore, the court said the offence committed by him is ‘too heinous’ and he does not deserve any leniency.

‘The offence committed by the convict is more serious in nature and he, in total disregard to moral and social values, went on ruining her life by committing immoral act of the highest order.
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