Maliwal presses corruption charges against Barkha Singh, Sheila Dikshit

A day after she accused a Union Minister of running brothels at G B Road, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Maliwal on Friday lodged a complaint with Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) against former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, former Delhi Minister for Women and Child Development Minister Kiran Walia and her predecessor Barkha Shukla Singh, alleging financial fraud and corruption.

Along with her six-page complaint, Maliwal also submitted 129 pages of documents as evidence, saying the commission has found instances of “gross financial irregularities and high misappropriation of government funds”.

“Advertisement of lakhs [of rupees] was given by Barkha Singh in magazines to glorify herself. She solved only one case in eight years but indulged in extensive corruption. Shame,” said Maliwal in a statement. 

“Every year, lakhs were spent by them on International Women’s Day Celebrations. At times, even Rs 90 lakhs [worth of] contract was given to a company without following the set procedure to benefit certain firms and persons,” she added. She further alleged that Sheila Dikshit and Barkha Singh even committed fraud in Nirbhaya’s death. “They organised a march and spent Rs 50 lakhs, money was given by DCW to firm favoured by Sheila Dikshit,” alleged Maliwal.

Maliwal’s complaint comes days after the ACB registered an FIR against her in connection with alleged illegal recruitments in the women’s panel, on a complaint filed by Singh. In her complaint, Singh alleged that Maliwal had appointed her party workers on hefty salaries in DCW without following the recruitment procedures. ACB has conducted two raids on DCW to investigate the matter and recently handed over a questionnaire to Maliwal to reply.  

“The commission while pursuing the files of the previous commission has discovered instances of gross financial irregularities and high misappropriation of government funds committed by previous chairpersons, namely Barkha Shukla Singh and Kiran Walia, with some prima facie being carried out under directions of then Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit,” alleged Maliwal in her complaint.

The allegations in the complaint include financial fraud of over Rs 50 lakhs in the name of Nirbhaya and a silent march for her on January 2, 2013, appointment of a sitting MLA as DCW chief, diversion of funds for political gains and personal glorification, paid interviews and irregularities in celebration of International Women’s day over the years.  
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