Mad Men has changed my life: Christina

Actress Christina Hendricks, who is seen as Joan Harris on the hit TV series Mad Men, is grateful to the show for improving her life in “every single way”.

Hendricks said one of the biggest changes she saw after appearing on the show was accolades from world leaders fellow actors. 

“There are so many people that we’ve gotten to meet that I’ve admired for so long. Like the President or Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep. They come up and say, ‘I love the show,’ and you’re just sort of gobsmacked,” said Hendricks, 39.

“(I was) coming out of a bathroom and Julianne Moore said, ‘You’re wonderful on the show,’” Hendricks remembers. “I respect her more than almost any actress in the world.” 

The actress said she experiences an increase in self-confidence because of the popularity of her character and the show. 

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